Protection against political risks

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Situations of global uncertainty, including protectionism, geopolitical tensions and risks of political violence have a significant impact on companies that export and invest abroad with possible repercussions on the financial stability of trade flows and investments

Protection of assets and investments abroad

We offer policies for owners, operators, lenders to foreign assets, such as construction sites, warehouses, aircraft, boats, vehicles and other mobile equipment.


  • Confiscation
  • War and Political Violence, and the non-repossession of leased assets)
  • Confiscation and forced abandonment of assets
  • Force Majeure arising from political events
  • Currency inconvertibility
  • Additional risks (for example: breach of contract by a government counterparty)

Cover for the protection of projects abroad (project financing)

Our policies support funding and project investments in developing economies and in non-stable markets.


  • Expropriation
  • War
  • Forced abandonment
  • Incovertibility
  • Forced dispossession
  • Selective discrimination
  • Governmental breach of contractual obligations
  • Force Majeure caused by political events
  • Stand Alone covers for War and Terrorism

Cover to protect on-demand security guarantees or bonds

The product, available for individual contracts, is designed to prevent a risk whose nature is not limited to politically unstable countries, but is always a part of international contractual risk.
It is possible to arrange this type of coverage on a specific basis or for the entire portfolio of guarantees.