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We offer solutions for all your credit needs

UNIA Global operates in the insurance sectors for the coverage of trade receivables – short and long-term – and also of political risks for the protection of credits and investments in developing countries.

The insurance brokerage services of UNIA Global are carried out in the name and on behalf of the insured and according to instructions received from them. These services are remunerated by commissions which are included in the premium negotiated for our Clients.

Business analysis and risks

Verification of the client’s management of the risk on commercial credits, in the short and long term, together with the political risk and for the protection of credits and investments wherever placed.

Market surveys

Research and identification of the best insurance coverage solutions and verification of their compatibility and adequacy with respect to the specific needs of the client.

Management of all negotiations with insurers

Assistance in drafting the Proposal to the Insurer, negotiation of the terms and conditions of coverage, drafting and verification of policy documents and management of the insurance contract.

Management of late payments and claims

Assistance in the verification of compliance with contractual provisions and settlement times for compensation, advice and assistance for debt recovery management.

Evaluation of the position of individual debtors

Intervention to obtain adequate insurance limits (credit lines) with in-depth analysis of the reasons behind the decisions on these cases.

Adequacy Evaluation

Verification of the compatibility and adequacy of the insurance solutions proposed based on the client's coverage needs.