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Fabio Cesana


Insurance broker since 2009, in UNIA since 2003

Bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences with a focus on economics in 1997 at the University Statale di Milano.
Former Officer of the Financial Police, since 2001 he has acted as Account Executive in AON Trade Credit.
He joined UNIA in 2003 where he has become responsible for a client portfolio that ranges from the textile sector, to plastics, to the steel industry and specifically relating to the production of and supply to the large civil works sector.

A partner of UNIA since 2017, he manages a large client portfolio

Fabio develops for his clients a process that includes the complete management of client problems: from supervision of credit limits, where he also relies on the skills of colleagues, the management of claims, technical adaptations of insurance contracts according to changeable operational needs of the insured.
He is qualified to practice as an insurance broker since 2009 and since 2017 has been a partner in the company.

He has significant experience in managing the risk of trade receivables which allows him to anticipate the best solutions for his clients

For over 30 years Unia

is a team of professionals specialized exclusively in the field of credit insurance, political risks and insurance guarantees.