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Emilio Consonni


Among the founding members of UNIA Srl

Formerly the Administrative and Financial Director of Revasa S.p.A, a broker specialized in construction risks, he has a rich curriculum experienced in administrative, financial and management in multinational industrial companies, international shipments, armaments and maritime transport.
From 1979 to 1989 he held the position of Chief Financial Officer at Andrea Merzario S.p.A and from 1989 to 1994 as Director of Administration and Finance for the Italian activities of Compagnie Maritime Belge
He is an Official Auditor.
He was involved in the CIA activity since its beginnings, thereafter with Aon Trade Credit, as Managing Director.

A curriculum rich in administrative, financial, management and Credit Management experience

For over twenty years Emilio Consonni has been involved in insurance broking in the credit risk sector, thus exploiting his own particular experience in dealing with specific aspects of Credit Management, such as the analysis of the client’s administrative organization, the detection of commercial risks, the assessment of the creditworthiness of debtors and the adequacy of credit lines, the management of recoveries in insolvency situations. also organizing and assisting the insurers with visits to buyers to resolve the most critical situations.

Since 2002 he is co-founding partner and President of UNIA srl as well as essential support for the technical-financial consultancy of the UNIA structure and its clients

For over 30 years Unia

is a team of professionals specialized exclusively in the field of credit insurance, political risks and insurance guarantees.