Our specialization

At UNIA we deal exclusively with commercial credit and political risk insurance.
We also offer specialized support for our clients with regard to insurance sureties.

Our specialization benefits our clients because it allows us to offer :

Commercial credit and political risks constitute our core business it is not a secondary part of a much larger portfolio.

We have an experienced staff with a thorough understanding of the needs of our client and the solutions available in the market.

Our team is able to speak with the analysts at the insurance companies to analyze the financial performance of our clients’s debtors, to deepen the understanding of the decisions and to discuss the most delicate cases with a professional competence.

We have the ability and the confidence of the market’s insurers to develop new insurance coverage and we are able to make them quickly available to our clients.

Our expertise is directly accessible without the intervention of intermediaries or non-specialist colleagues.

Specialization allows us to anticipate changes, and to promote the development of new products and markets.

Your safety

UNIA constantly monitors developments in the market.

This allows us to provide accurate and timely assessments on the insurability and costs of the risks to be insured very quickly.