Experience, Competence, Autonomy

With over 15 years experience, over 200 satisfied clients, and complete financial independence these numbers speak for themselves.

Uniqueness, reputation, reliability

We only offer services in which we are specialists, we are respected in our marketplace and have a stable client base

Quality, ethics, confidentiality

We guarantee a constant and impartial commitment in the quality, integrity and impartiality of the solutions we provide for you.


UNIA has always only ever dealt with consulting and insurance broking in the field of credit insurance, political risks and insurance guarantees.

UNIA offers a wide range of risk prevention, management and transfer solutions for companies exposed to political and commercial credit risks. We work with producers and exporters, international traders and investors, banks and financial institutions.

About us



UNIA ascribes the utmost importance to its financial and operational independence which allows it to operate for its clients with complete transparency and with no conflict of interest.For this reason the ownership of the company is solely with the people who work there.

International Service

UNIA has been working since its establishment in close collaboration with the London broker Berry Palmer & Lyle (BPL Global) and with the US broker EIA.
BPL Global is the London broker recognized by the market as the absolute leader in the field of political risks, it is a partner to several government agencies for export credit insurance and collaborates with the most important international groups for the solution of problems relating to credit coverage, cancellation of contracts, coverage of investments and recoveries in the event of claims. Both BPL and EIA are also owned exclusively by the people who work there. BPL now has offices in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai. EIA has offices located in New York, Boston and Dallas.

Knowledge of the market

The UNIA team has an intimate knowledge of the Italian, European and American insurance markets and offers the most sophisticated products. Our integration in a prestigious structure such as Global represents the guarantee of obtaining the best possible coverage with regards to political risks and investments abroad, whilst at the same time availing our clients a unique access to the Lloyd’s market.

Our products

We offer cover for physical assets and investments abroad such as construction sites and related fixed and mobile equipment, production facilities, cargo depots and related financial investments.

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All of our proposals are designed to protect against the risk of non-payment, and a reduction in turnover with potential significant losses of receivables in both individual and entire portfolios.

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With this type of policy, companies can sell their receivables to a factoring company in an extremely simple, flexible and transparent manner.

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